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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Tropical Storms links

Here's another link for Tropical Storms-The one we used today with the Katrina Powerpoint. The video clips that wouldn't work in school should work at home. The animations are good revision.

And as promised, here's a couple of the poems........

Tropical storms are formed over sea
Right up the warm air rises to where the storm will be
Over and above the sea the rainclouds will form
People see the signs of the coming storm
In spirals the air begins to spin
Clouds move and the rains begin
Above land the storm is nigh
Later on we'll be in the eye

Strong winds and the storm surge destroy people's homes
To the site of the hurricane, aid does go
Orleans was wrecked a few months ago
Round streets and buildings the floodwater flowed
Morale in this city was definitely low

Poem 2

The formation of a tropical storm
Happens when the water is warm
It rises in the air
and then brings very low pressure
It forms heavy rain clouds
and then the air begins to spread out
Cold air sinks down to create the 'eye'
This is the formation of a tropical storm in the sky

This was on the back of the 'mapping from memory' group exercise showing the formation of tropical storms