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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Power of Posterous

Categories: s1 and s2, Limestone

Having a great day using posterous direct from my phone. I was giving my s3 back some work, much of which showed a real creative streak which I felt deserved a wider audience. I photographed Emma's limestory and shared it via twitter (had actually forgotten about the direct post to twitter when I update posterous, but we got a lovely bit of feedback from Alan Parkinson as a result). One of the s3 students, Aileen, does drama, and I had the pleasure of being the cover teacher when her class had been performing. Her written work was really outstanding, but I wondered if she would be willing to narrate her own work to share it, which she did here. Please feel free to give feedback on what I think is an exceptional piece of work. Finally, Miss Armstrong was very proud of the work that her new s1 submitted when they were asked to think about what Geography is all about. One piece, which looked at cultural stereotypes (quite an amazing conclusion from an s1 for a 'what is Geography?' task) presented Scots as people see us and the picture is shown above. This really fits in superbly with work we do later on stereotypes of Brazil. The other pieces of work ranged from 'geography in a bottle' to a full farm landscape. Posterous has allowed me to share this work in a way that gets it out to a large audience instantly and hopefully, gives the students a great deal of pride in their work. Battery done now, so no video of s1 making their geodart games later....


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