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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Class Clips

I have never really used class clips with a whole group accessing the material before, and depending on students ability to see the clips, I still might not, but I want s3 to find out a little about rivers for yourselves rather than me talking at you today. I'm going to place a few links to clips here. I've linked to the full page rather than the clip, so that there are options for viewing. Under each clip, I am going to put a few guidelines as to what I'd like you to know from each video. We are going to be looking mainly at the upper course of a river today.

Start with the clip here and use this as a comparison

1) Describe the river and its valley in the upper course. You should refer to named landscape features, the size and shape of the river channel, relief of the surrounding landscape, speed of flow etc

2) List processes which are mentioned which influence the rivers appearance (erosional processess, ways in which the river transports material and when and where rivers may deposit material- if it is mentioned at all in the clip)

Next, use this clip and this to explain some of the processes at work in the upper course of rivers

Finally, looking at the formation of a waterfall,

1) Explain the formation of a waterfall in the upper course. There are clips here , here and here. Be sure to talk about the influence of those processes you have just talked about, but also the underlying rock type

2) From the animations, attempt a diagram showing the formation of a waterfall


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