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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Repetitive strain

Categories: s1 and s2, Urban, other
Tomorrow, it's a bit of a revision fest. Trying to keep it fresh and not too repetitive, but still relevant to exam content and, also, technique. First and last period see S4, who have now finished the course (and finish up for exam leave in early May), do a bit of work on the settlement topic. I'm going to try to create groups through an easy starter actvity, where each person in the class will have a card on their desk on entering the room. The cards will include typical features of the three main zones of cities, as well as the ways in which each zone has changed. This will allow six groups to be created e.g. a group who have cards with inner city features, another with inner city changes and so on. The groups will then be asked to either describe and explain the likely characteristics of their zone or describe the ways in which their zone has changed in recent times. These could be potential examination questions, so it also allows for some exam practice. We will then spend some time peer assessing the work and trying to improve responses before sharing the end results.
With S3, the end of year exam is on Tuesday. I'm not sure how many students I'll have as some may be sitting exams tomorrow, but if I have a full class, we will aim for maximum course coverage through a walkabout talkabout exercise followd by a closing discussion of the finished exercises.
Finally, I had planned to do some earthquake proofing with S2, but as the shaking table finds itself currently halfway down the Clyde Valley, and having looked at tomorrow's forecast, I'm going to give the class a bit of this, which has always worked well in the past. This also gives a little bit of fieldwork to a year group who I think, in terms of course incorporation, need a lot more.
As an aside, I've been enjoying the break too much to blog about it, but played with this tone matrix for hours and had an idea for how it could be used in a lesson context. I will come back to this...


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