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Monday, August 22, 2011

Really lovely hungry man and sauce dips (do not adjust your sets)

While the above sounds like a most forgettable scenario, it is one that I remembered easily from a students jotter this afternoon, exactly the purpose of the statement in the title. This was Michael creating a revision mnemonic for his work on climate graphs. The class were finding memorising the important parts of the graph for inclusion in the description difficult and we set this as a short exercise in the class to be finished at home. So what does it mean? Although It's not in order, it refers to

R- range of temperature

L- lowest and

H- highest precipitation and temperature

M- the months when these occur

A- annual precipitation, if easily quantifiable/ available

S- seasonal variations

D- descriptive words e.g. hot, dry, mild etc

This is a technique I've used before, but had completely forgotten about until the opportunity presented itself today. A very simple and, hopefully, effective way to memorise key ideas and content.

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