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Monday, March 06, 2006

Biosphere, General revision and World Cup Geography

Starting Biosphere today with Higher, and here is the best link

This comes from the excellent website for Wycombe High School. Some parts of this are only accessible if you are a school member, but several of the links and animations can be used at home. Try it out http://www.school-portal.co.uk/GroupHomepage.asp?GroupID=23107

I have also finished doing a wee World Cup Geography Exercise, which I am trialling with Int2 today. It has links to Population, settlement site, Urban Land Use Zones and Development. There is a google tour with links to information and images of each of the stadiums. The google tour has a couple of glitches-Places like Leipzig and Kaiserslautern are just red blobs up close, and I had to navigate the roads to find the stadium site. This is why I have included the links. I have this on disc, and, again, if anyone wants a copy of the tour, accompanying powerpoint, worksheet (or perhaps just the tour) then feel free to take a copy.