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Monday, March 20, 2006

Paris Riots-Urban Change and Migrant communities

Paris riots 2005

Watch the video
I was watching the news at the weekend and saw that there were riots in Paris over a new employment law and this got me thinking about the riots of October/November last year in the same city. S3 have just begun their look at the suburbs of Paris and Urban Change, and I thought that this would be a good linking movie for Urban Change and Immigration to explore reasons why the riots began in the suburban areas. I aim to post a mystery here to complement this if I get time tomorrow. Music by Kaiser Chiefs.
I want to include a timeline and extended writing exercise, so it may be useful to post these links in advance:-
I have still to post the updated wordmat for Rural Land Resources, tomorrow we will do walkabout/talkabout for Podzol/Brown earth/Gley for Higher with blank profile templates, so will probably look at Tuesday for use of completed template.


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