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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Games

Have been experimenting with some of the FREE software at www.contentgenerator.net to create a couple of games for use on the whiteboard. The first one is for s1 Weather, where I have produced a Fling_the_teacher game. For s3, I have created a Paris_match_up exercise as a period starter-we are slap bang in the middle of the case study at the moment. This may be better accessed from here. If you are going to use these, please right click and 'Save target as...'-they will be much easier to open. We might do Paris word or picture association to complement this-pupils to nominate next response! I have some terms to put on the s5-and s6 of course- Wordmat (see previous post), collected today, will update over the next couple of days. Have been impressed with some of the resources collected by s4 for movie and powerpoint presentations on their hazards case study choices, so may host some completed examples here in a couple of weeks time. Keep up the excellent work on these!