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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Here's Clint...

Categories: Limestone
...and Gryke and a few other features of limestone on this old favourite-
BBC limestone pages.A well used website that you may have used at Intermediate. I am using this with Higher today, particularly for the mapwork and field sketching techniques. Bookmark this site for your revision, it is the best online resource for this part of the course.

Limestone Pavement in the Burren, Western Ireland

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome Back

Categories: Games and Quizzes, Glaciation, s1 and s2
Has been a while since I posted anything with the Alps trip, writing of a new Japan course and study leave all contributing to the absence of new links/materials etc. Now that all the classes are back, I will start updating on lesson resources etc. I am also going to update the photos, with some new Glaciation snaps from the field trip. You can access these from the Flickr panel on the right hand side of the page. Here are some links for tomorrow.
Concentration. I think some of us are struggling to get back into work mode, so while browsing sln's wiki page, I found this link, which has loads of quick games to help you concentrate better. I may start a couple of lessons with these, or stick one in the middle if minds are wandering. Also, just for fun, it should be interesting to see how well you know your European Geography, using this link here. I think I may try this with s2.
Some of the s3 who were on a trip last week have missed some of the glaciation unit, so while they catch up with some of the work, a drag and drop activity from Radical Geography will start us off here . After this, I will set up small groups of pupils to teach last weeks absentees some Physical Geography-Corries, Hanging Valleys etc. Higher are also doing Lithosphere at the moment and might benefit from looking at some of the depositional features on this part of the Geography Pages website. s2 are currently working on their Italy project, so tomorrow I have booked one of the ICT rooms to research and pull in some images that we can use for the wall display. Finally, a couple of links for new s4 from a topic we have already covered, highlighted by Rob Chambers(www.geobytes.co.uk) on sln. They relate to Dharavi slum in Mumbai:-
Dharavi article on same site.
I may use these on Tuesday to tie in with an urban homework task.
The picture above is the Bosson Glacier near Chamonix, a fast moving yet retreating Glacier. I have used photos of the snout of the glacier compared to last years to show the changes in the last 12 months.All the photos, as previously mentioned, will soon be on my Flickr page.