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Monday, February 18, 2008

Downside of a technological existence :- (

Categories: Rural, s1 and s2

I had unanticipated problems with the whiteboard today as it just didn't want to play,although last night's post might have been slightly prophetic looking back. As such, the slides I wanted to use formed the basis for more of a discussion today. I know several of you were taking notes, but if you download the powerpoint, and check the notes under each slides, I've tried to give as comprehensive an overview of the case study for Shifting Cultivation as I can. Hope it's of some use. In fact, scrub that about downloading the powerpoint, I have just checked back to see that there are 1760 documents ahead of mine in the queue... Another problem with relying on the internet! Hopefully not about to get some computer rage...I'll post the link here and embed tomorrow. Tomorrow, s1 will continue with their course evaluations and poster tasks for Katrina- a bit of everything as we'll need to use the computers, work on poster illustration and use some textbooks to help with the basics about hurricanes. Over and above this, I'll have Google Earth opened on the PC in my room as you plot your placemarks for your must-visit cities. I might play the Hurricane song too....

Update: Here's the powerpoint now. remember you need to download it to see the notes


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