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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fresh Fruit Hazards

Categories: Environmental Hazards, Advanced Higher
I slightly misjudged time on our quickie bag task today (rather ironic), and as a result, I am looking for a strong performance from the fridge in the staff base tonight. A reminder about some of the materials used, in no particular bag or order; magnets, tangerines, apples, staples (straightened), footballs, paper, scissors, pens, blue tac. Some interesting ideas and some other, frankly, bizarre ones! Lots of jigsaws being made from paper, many dissected tangerines, one apple with a red penned centre (and another with one segment removed- very skilfully too..) and a makeshift compass from a bowl of water. More importantly, slowly but surely, understanding of tectonic processes appears to be coming back - or at least some of it. I liked this powerpoint on slideshare from a Miss Wander. I feel like I'm cheating a little bit when I use others resources, but quite honestly, there is not much more that could have been said on the topic for your purposes than what is in the powerpoint below - Thanks very much to the creator for a very good resource and for making life a little easier into the bargain.

I will look at Higher in the next post, but Advanced Higher have just about finished the map activity and tomorrow, a final, final look at Spearman's etc. I found a CD Rom about using Maths in Geography, I'll see if there's anything useful in this to add to what we've already got.


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