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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Categories: Atmosphere, Advanced Higher
I am not looking forward to tomorrow - 60 reports to finish, Advanced Higher marking, a high volume period with s1 (reasons later), trip documentation and more paperwork to fill in. Like the best laid plans, I had these pencilled in for gaps in this evening, but these fell by the wayside when the roof went and we were decanted during parents night tonight. At least it's Friday... Anyway, tomorrow, Higher will be looking at Ocean currents. I normally use the write on map for this and try emulating the cell patterns in the oceans. It doesn't take long before someone realises the impact of the land masses on currents. This will take us back to where we should be after an improptu case studies bonanza today ( hopefully useful), and I've embedded a powerpoint from Ollie Bray on the topic-Check out some of Ollie's other offerings on the atmosphere topic at his slideshare page


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