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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Out in the field (hopefully not barefoot)

Categories: Advanced Higher, Development and Health

I'm keen to hear how Advanced Higher have fared in their fieldwork over the weekend. I'm hoping that the lure of your bed on a Saturday morning did not deter you from making a start to your Geographical Study :-0 For Neil, I think you might want to have a look at this from St Margaret Ward college. I think it was probably a younger year group that used this, but it covers many of the fieldwork methods and points of analysis that you would want to be utilising in your CBD study. For all students, remember to think about, talk about and justify your use of sampling techniques. Also, I would be trying to think before I embarked on more fieldwork, what am I hoping to find? Then, if my results are different than I expected, can I give reasons for this? Tomorrow, as well as doing some past paper work, I'll be looking at your Issues redrafts too (see cartoon above- Thanks to Dave Walker- more free to use cartoons on we blog cartoons).

Higher have almost finished Development and Health, and I aim to use tomorrow and Tuesday to look at, briefly, nutrition and Primary Health Care, with reference to the Barefoot Doctors of China. I also liked some of the examples in this UN article, detailing how traditional healers (a crude definition might be 'witch doctors') have been encouraged in Southern African countries to be the first line in Primary Health Care, using traditional herbal remedies- a little like the artemisinin that the Chinese have used for many years to combat malaria.

S4 are on a prelim countdown just now, so we will stick to past papers and working on exam technique. Remember the study skills section on the school website, remember supported study, and most importantly, remember to ask for advice if you feel you need it. Finally, remember the wiki, an easy way to complete past paper revision, get some meaningful feedback in class and enhance your own revision material.


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