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Monday, December 17, 2007

University Blues

Categories: Geography General, Atmosphere, Environmental Hazards, Development and Health, Rivers

Feel a bit of a turncoat here, being a Strathclyde alumni, but I'm posting this website for teaching colleagues, those who have an interest in taking Geography further after school and myself for future reference. The University Of Glasgow Earth Sciences Department ran a course today which I attended, and over the next few days, I expect materials from the in-service will surface in the Teacher's section, but there's a stack of things here to have a look at, as well as some school student competitions. I particularly liked Derek Fabel's response to 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' TV programme, something I've blogged about before and an issue I know students like to air an opinion on from past experience. Also, some timely info provided about Sub Saharan Africa and Development& Health, handy as I'm looking at this with Higher on Wednesday. One of the lectures was basically a whole host of real time unplanned holiday snaps from Thailand, as one of the presenters found himself in Phuket during the Asian Tsunami on boxing day 3 years ago, and I'm sure these could be used when teaching Earth Forces and Environmental Hazards. On that note, The Google Earth Blog, erm, blogged about some nice things to complement Noel Jenkins' Montserrat exercise, should we use this again in the future.
Being out always leaves me feeling a bit exposed when I return to school, as you never know where your classes will be with the work that you left. I'm hoping that Higher are well on with Rostow-I've tried embedding the slideshow from Rich Allaway again. We'll finish this off tomorrow and hopefull ready ourselves for area case studies. Advanced Higher should have handed in the Issues first draft-thank you for the Christmas Present of extra marking ;-) We'll finish off the Lyme Regis exercise tomorrow that was started on Friday and put on hold. We'll probably have a lenghty chat about Malaria at the start fo the s4 lesson, but I was reminded about the Malaria/Mosquito games by a colleague today (Cheers, Michael!) which I've used in the past. I remember one pupil saying the Mosquito game was the worst game he had ever seen, and then I couldn't get him off the machine... Lastly, s1 will do their Brazil Simpson's stereotypes exercise tomorrow, hopefull some light relief in the run in (nearly there....).Thanks to Helen Nurton for her Slideshare presentation on this.


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