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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Monday 1: Mostly Maplecroft Maps

Categories: Population, Geography General, Development and Health
I'm splitting my posts for tomorrow. This one has a couple of useful links which I might not get the chance to use tomorrow, some lesson ideas and some Google Earth files, which I've used before in the blog. I have to say, it's fantastic having Google Earth up and running again after problems on my older computer seemed to show the world in among square pools of displaced ocean. I am also getting a little handier at the space navigator, although still have to resort to the mouse occassionally.
Although we have looked at Rwanda as our Higher case study for forced migration, I also remember Kosovo vividly, and there is some good information about the recent goings on in this blog post. Maybe worth a look as a comparison if we ever had time. I'm hoping to knock together a summary powerpoint for Rwanda, I'll try to upload tonight, depends on the scribd queue. For s4, I want to start Health in earnest by classifying the causes of Ill Health. It might be useful to look at a couple of Maplecroft maps, which are also available as Google Earth Files. Thinking of using the Hunger, Malaria, TB and AIDS ones to start a bit of discussion.
Finally, I haven't really fully explored this yet, but had a brief gander at this site which allows you to read news feeds, blogs etc from Geographical regions. Got this from Google Maps Mania, many thanks.


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