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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dangerous Ground

Categories: Geography General, Population, Development and Health, s1 and s2

I really liked the dangerous ground link that I found on my internet travels. This project was designed to draw attention to the anti-landmine campaign, and basically involves a campaigner trying to find his way round London without his feet touching the ground. There are lots of facts about landmines displayed in the bottom left of the screen as the movie plays, have a look. I've also linked the map above to a page about landmines if you want to find out more.

On the Google Earth Blog tonight, I also found a Google Earth overlay for population density, which will be nice to use for revision at supported study-spin the globe and stop it at random spots, asking class to explain the population density for the given area. We had one of the space navigators installed today and I have had a little play around with it. Some observations- It makes movements in Google Earth much much smoother, and was really excellent for moving in and around New York (some outstanding new imagery here). I have to say I also found it incredibly awkward to use when you are used to the mouse. Your hand seems to take you in all the wrong directions at first, and it will certainly need a little practice. I hope to have mine installed tomorrow for s1 to have a go.

s4 are starting Health tomorrow, so a little exercise will be thrown into the lesson, along witha mini medical! s5 started watching Hotel Rwanda today, and this should take a couple more periods as we try to build our case study from some of the movie facts. Advanced Higher have been doing a map interpretation, something that the Principal Assessor's have highlighted as a weakness in last year's candidates. This has to be handed in for assessment, I think one more period should be more than enough time. Lots to do just now- a reminder that completed t-tasks (this means corrections) have to be handed in on Friday, nextweek is the Issues first draft, and also for next week, I am looking for a rough idea of your Investigation topics.


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