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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Categories: Geography General, Advanced Higher, Population
I am presenting a little talk to some colleagues on Tuesday, and when I was doing a bit of research, I found this. It looks a really simple, if less refined way to do some podcasting, interviews and assessment. I am going to try this out at the weekend and see if I can use it while at the course I'm delivering. If it's successful, we'll have a go in class.
Not much to report on over and above this. Advanced Higher are still mapping after sorting out the map scale! I had hoped to do Pearson'sProduct tomorrow, but I'm going to leave this till Monday now I think. Higher did a Population runaround based on a short video, and then we had an interesting discussion about counting populations. Lots of good things about how the government can keep track (census, registers, electoral role etc), problems of collecting accurate info (illiteracy, language barriers, cost, corruption etc) with a particular focus on ELDC's here. Your own findings have made this topic a lot simpler for you now, well done. s1 will no doubt want to talk about the Edinburgh trip tomorrow in our last period before a change of rotation. All good things must pass....
Gearing up for the return of s4 next week. The phones have been quiet, touch wood, I'll no doubt hear all about the experiences on Monday. Have a nice weekend :0)


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