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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sing along...

Categories: Hydrosphere, Industry, Population, s1 and s2

I was looking for some links for the water cycle for Higher. There are a lot of good links, such as the one here and further back in the blog, but I also came across a rather bizarre song , which I'll play to Higher tomorrow. I am going to start the period using the whiteboard to reorganise a few heads and tails for water cycle terms. I'm going to add a couple of extra terms and maybe a couple of deliberate wrong answers too. I'm then planning on giving out a template diagram and asking the class to fill it in from yesterdays activity, before using this question on the wiki with the class-if you like, an extension of what we did at supported study; What's good about the answer, where could we improve it, and how would we do that? If we get time, I'll move onto drainage basins. I always try to use google earth here, find a good mountainous area, tilt the view and get pupils out to draw where they think the watershed should be. I'll try to overlay this with an O.S. map, if not tomorrow, then for Friday.

I'll start s4 with a little revision Q&A from the industry work that we tidied up using some images on the whiteboard, before splitting into groups to mind map the population topic. I think there may be some scope for use of the wiki here too, which lies fairly undeveloped for s4. I'll also be dropping the bombshell that you have a NAB next week!

S1 will see the Rainforest video, before going on to look at whether Brazil is a rich or poor country. The last couple of times I've taught this, I've used the excellent Gus Rubens photo, stuck it into paint, and split it, to ask what links the two images. I then normally do a little class development indicators exercise, where I use a variety of economic and social indicators on students-This always throws up a few good anomalies where we can challenge the idea of what defines a rich person, and from that, a country. I might even use the richometer on the global rich list.


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