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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coasts to Coasts

Categories: Lithosphere, Rural Land Resources, Advanced Higher

Tomorrow, I'm going to give back a couple of homework tasks submitted a while ago. I have tried to give some common feedback on this short screen recording of the slides you were using. Apologies about the stutters, I have posted about this on the student blog where the original homework was located.

I think we'll spend just a little time reviewing what we know about the Dales - Opportunities, Limitations, named Conflicts, conflict management, before introducing the Coastal RLR case study. After reviewing the Coasts homework, I'll probably do this by giving you the first part of the 2007 RLR paper and asking for your thoughts on how you would answer this and how you would structure the answer.

I'll be interested to hear what the Advanced Higher thought of Dr Gordon Dickinson's talk regarding your Issues and Study. I personally found it useful, and it clarified a few matters for me regarding where I should be crediting your work. All in all, I felt afterwards that a lot of what we have discussed in class had been vindicated. I'll be asking tomorrow if there are any points which need clarification, and then, using the guidelines I gave you from English, I'm going to ask you to peer mark your first attempts at critical evaluation. We have a few more of these to do, including a NAB soon. I was also informed about a good Reuters link through a colleague, which might be useful for some in their Issues essays for locating news stories.


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