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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

National Parks, Audacity updates

Categories: Rural Land Resources, Geography General, Writing and Assessment
I am finally getting the hang of Audacity, including exporting files as mp3's, which I want to do to submit them as podcasts on Switchpod. I spent a while messing around with voice and music tracks tonight, adding effects and so on, and by the end of it had made a voice recording which sounded like a passable trance tune, but stripped down, there is excellent potential for uses of this software in a number of scenarios, and a number of subjects. I will get you to mail me your audacity files tomorrow, and I'll put them through the conversion to mp3, stick them onto the student blog and get you to do some kind of peer assessment exercise. Meanwhile, as we do National Parks tomorrow, I might have a look at this powerpoint.


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