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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can you tell what it is yet?

Categories: Coasts

We have nearly completed the Lithosphere part of the Higher course, and have perhaps spent a little longer than I would have thought, particularly on coasts. I'm hoping that you have a good understanding of processes and feature formation, but please comment on the wiki Q&A if you don't, and want me to revisit anything. Tomorrow, I'm going to look at coastal maps with you for a good part of the lesson, and thought I'd start off with the map above. I am only showing you part of the map extract and want you to think about the map evidence to speculate as to what feature this might be. I'll then do a little whiteboard exercise, and follow this up by an online homework on all of the lithosphere mapping.
Related item for coasts on Alan's blog, which should satisfy my time obsessed pupils regarding how long it would take for physical changes to take place on a coastline. I' m hoping to finish this off with an online homework on the other blog. I will post for s4 tomorrow hopefully, as I'm out tomorrow afternoon and will be leaving work to finish the rural topic.


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