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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Statistical terror!

Categories: Advanced Higher, Limestone, s1 and s2
I have always been a little cowed by numbers, formulae and statistics, so imagine my delight when I was finally handed the responsibility for Advanced Higher this year, and saw a jumble of words referring to nominal, ordinal and interval data, spearman's rank tests, degrees of freedom etc :-s I think, however, that it's easy to panic when confronted by such terms, and I'm happy to say that, having done a little refresher reading, this suddenly seems a good deal simpler. Tomorrow, we'll start on descriptive statistics, and we'll look at different ways of finding a 'middle' value for sets of data. I'm also really fortunate that plenty of resources have already been shared online, some here and here, which will come in extremely handy now and later.

I'll be interested to see numbers in s5 period 1 tomorrow, as it seems half the upper school will be at a certain concert at Hampden tonight.....Limestone mapping to wake you from your slumber :-0 Had internet failure with s1 today, I'll have the game back on the board, and will send some more groups out on the direction task-11 minutes to beat. I want to look at symbols tomorrow, before a game of bingo on Tuesday...


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