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Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Wiki (again..)

Categories: Writing and Assessment
I've set up another wiki, this time for Advanced Higher. I want you to try it out by uploading your questionnaires which should have been completed over the weekend, which we can then critique and distill the good bits to finalise one that we can use for fieldwork purposes. You'll be familiar with how to use the wiki from Higher. I'm also thinking that, as you should really keep a field notebook, could this be something you could blog about? I'll canvass opinion tomorrow.Remember your consent forms, these will mean that most of this week, we can be out and about, practising skills which will be really useful for the Study later.
Higher are finishing glacial erosion and beginning our look at deposition, so might use some kind of research and peer teaching task. I used this last year, and it seemed to work quite well, and I'm aware that you have heard a lot of my voice over the past couple of periods, so this might break things up a little. I'll put a time limit/word limit on the explanations, and might have some kind of recap task at the end involving all of the features (probably takes us into Tuesday).


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