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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Voki greetings

Categories: Geography General, Rural, s1 and s2, Glaciation

Get a Voki now!

Rob Chambers has started an excellent new blog for using ICT in Geography. He posted tonight on a 'talking head' type application, which I've introduced here (an anime greeting for s2!), but hope to use more fully with other classes. Providing we can access this in school, I would like to use this with s4 tomorrow to create characters to help us answer the question 'Has the Green revolution in India been successful?'. These might include a farm labourer, a farm owner, an Indian government spokesperson and so on. We'll develop it in class, spend some time preparing our arguments and hopefully, publish! I would like to see the arguments being presented, followed by some kind of online vote. Maybe one for the student blog. I might also let s2 have a little play around with this, as there's a good link to Japan ( something that can perhaps be used in later presentations?). Keep being creative as well for the leaflet you're making, some really good ideas so far.
I think with s3, I'm going to let you find out a little about glaciation for yourselves, perhaps working in small groups for certain topics- e.g. freeze-thaw, corries, aretes etc, and in your own words, present back to the class through the s3 wiki . Maybe a quiz as follow up to ensure a) accuracy, and b) that other class members have read all the groups work as well as their own.


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