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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

(Loud Cheer)

Categories: Geography General

I've just discovered that I can now edit the blog from school. This should a) save a great deal of time at home, and b) allow me to use the existing blogs more interactively with classes. Never managed to update blog last night, so here's today's lessons:-

Higher revision Workshop

I have asked higher to come in today for some last minute revision. I always feel that I am panicking as much as the students at this time of year, so I just want to go over some bits and pieces. Here's the main bits.

1) Question posted on the Higher wiki last night, which I've answered here (bottom of page), which had me thinking I should probably go over this with more of you.

2) I noticed another question on the wiki page about drumlins, eskers and roche mouttonees, which I should probably deal with-I know glacial deposition has been quite confusing for some, distinguishing between till and fluvoglacial deposits and so on.

3) Using SQA material to mark actual past answers, discuss what's good and not so good about each answer and where improvements could be made. I ve always found this really useful in the past, and it gives you something concrete to work with in your preparation of answers.

4) Maybe a little bit on atmospheric circulation (still...)

s2 are taking time out from their rainforest adventures as its Health day in the school. I'm going to do something about the geography of disease- a statement sort or drag and drop of diseases you would expect to find in ELDC's and EMDC's, followed by group mind mapping of why diseases are found in geographical clusters. I'm then going to do a mini version of the health tests we did with s4- heart rate, peak flow, pulse etc to raise awareness of health issues in EMDC's. May get a few running on the spot again...


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