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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flats (Very...)

Categories: Urban
Just thought this was quite good for Higher if you are revising Urban Geography, again from a post on sln. We were just talking last week as part of our revision about failures of redevelopment in Glasgow, and had a few points about the flats in the Gorbals, some of which are no more. This led us to the conclusion that parts of Glasgow are 'redeveloping the redevelopment'. We concentrated our discussion of high rise around inner city redevelopment, but we also spoke about the building of peripheral estates such as Castlemilk, which had high density housing to cope with population overspill from the inner cities. Here's what happened to some of these:-

Much of the remaining housing stock in Castlemilk has now been renovated, and similar work has been carried out in places such as Easterhouse, Drumchapel and Pollok, some of the other places we mentioned in class. There is also some stuff worth having a look at here, especially in the 'New life' section. I am going to do something with one of my Intermediate classes this week, and it might also be worth your while having a look at this too.


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