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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Plea for decent DVD's/Videos?

Categories: Geography general
This is me getting the begging bowl out. I went to a course after school tonight on Clickview, which I have mentioned before. There are some really impressive applications on this which pupils will soon benefit from being able to use, unless I've misread this. I am trialling some of the functions, but here's a list of some of the things that we should be able to do.
1) Upload any recorded video/DVD to clickview (BBC,ITV, Ch4, 5 and SKY soon)
2) Divide this up into chapters for easy use in class or assignments
3) Easily insert a chapter, clip or multiple clips into a powerpoint slide without having to work out how to embed the clip- great for me, but really good for students too as part of presentations
4) Use the schoolbag facility to take clips home
5) Add materials to Clickview to support lessons-word docs, powerpoint, audio etc
6) Upload podcasts and images.
I would really appreciate it if you see/hear/ record anything which you think might be valuable, please inform myself or Miss Greene about the programme. If you have already recorded a programme, bring it in and we'll see about getting it put on to Clickview.


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