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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Day After Tomorrow, eh, the day after tomorrow...

Categories: s1 and s2, Geography General
I find myself having many 'senior' moments of late, and by that I don't mean moments of great wisdom. I tried to record this film for use with s2 last night and completely forgot how to use my DVD recorder (I still haven't figured it out). I have also spent two nights trying to set up a moblog for when we go to the Alps using go@blogger.com, was getting the text in my post but no photos. Finally discovered tonight that my mobile network is not acceptable for this purpose, so have set it up using flickr, more on this later.
I felt the lesson with s2 started well the other day with the Twister board activity, but felt I dragged out the work on renewables a little. Tomorrow, we'll look at a much simplified version of this activity from channel 4, no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes to open up the debate on global warming and the greenhouse effect. I would like to use parts of the film opposite, Miss Reilly has kindly offered me a loan of the DVD. Although the film is obviously highly dramatised (and has some serious cringe moments, with a good dose of ham acting), I still think there is a really good educational use for the themes it deals with. I remember reading something around the time of the movies release on the BBC, and the science behind the film was pretty accurate in many respects. We will use some of this, but again, I'm going to seriously prune the resources as they are a bit word heavy and not all that accessible for the year group I'll be using this with. This might be useful too.I really want to use the previous day's lesson and the next few to prepare you for your magazine activity or decision making task at the end of the unit, and this might be a more relevant way of doing it.
As for Higher, its revison, I'll try to break this into chunks and different activities most of the time, but will probably use part of tomorrow's double for a twenty five marker, and may then use a peer marking activity.
Finally, the moblog is now up and running, nothing at all to look at for the moment, but will use this to relay back our trip exploits in June and will hopefully use it for class activities like the favelas/Paris models in future for instant uploading of pictures instead of encouraging major forgetfulness event yet again...


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