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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The eggs are eaten...

Categories: Urban, s1 and s2, Geography General
Hello all, welcome back. I can’t remember a holiday which seemed so short…well, not since the last one anyway! I know many of you have been busy with easter school too-I’m sure all the hard work will be worth it. A reminder that although the Geography exams are among the last, shouldn’t make the mistake of leaving all your study till late on. You should have a study plan worked out with your pastoral support teacher, try to stick to it as much as you can in the next few weeks-and pop in for any problems.
I am back to Mumbai with s3 tomorrow. We finished Paris with a Challenge Board, which always seems to create a really competitive atmosphere in the class. Last year one of the girls in my class had an uncle who kindly donated a lot of Mumbai photographs for us to use after a business visit. I am going to use some of these and we’ll be trying to compare and contrast Mumbai to Paris. I also want to dispel a few myths about Mumbai, particularly regarding the slums, and there’s an excellent interactive resource from the BBC here. I want to also use this as the basis of a homework task on the s3 wiki in the next couple of days. If time, I’ll guide you round Mumbai using the Google Earth tour I made last year.
With s2 tomorrow we have a link period- I want to make sure that you are all OK with what you are doing with your radio shows (these will have to be finished in small groups as we are now sharing the use of Audacity with next door). The next thing on your planner is our activity where we use Twister. I’ll probably try this either at the start or the end of the period. Either way, the activity is designed to help us understand what happens if we keep consuming resources without replacing or re-using them-we will eventually run out. This will lead us nicely towards looking at renewables and non renewables. I have a very basic powerpoint, and then we’ll look at these short film clips created byDan Raven Ellison, a Geography Teacher from England. What I really want to think about with these is this-What Environmental Issues are created by the use of renewables?
S1 will want to judge their favelas. I’ll then give a quick rundown of things you should know for the forthcoming assessment. We might get on to a new unit, and I may give you a choice as to what you’d like to study next from the available units.
S4 have a period of intensive revision for the assessment on Tuesday, while for Higher, I’ll manage to use some of the Easter School materials that we didn’t get round to or deliberately excluded. This week we are going to do several questions to time, including at one point one of the 25 markers.


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