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Monday, March 26, 2007

Paris Models

Categories: Urban, s1 ad s2, Biosphere
Have put most, not all, of the s3 Paris Models on the student blog, feel free to comment on each others work (constructively, please :-o). If your model is not there, it's because either your full name was in view, or I simply haven't got round to uploading it yet. I'll do this soon. thanks again to Noel Jenkins for the inspiration. Bookwork tomorrow...sorry!
I have prepared myself for more mess this week, as my final rotations of s1 are doing favelas before the Easter holidays. I think I might also use the spending shanty town points exercise with these groups too from 'Thinking Through Geography'. With Higher, I'll finish off soils looking at the Tundra Gley tomorrow, student involvement in labelling again, then have a starter on succession before spending the double on the dune transect on Wednesday. s4 have the work set from today, we'll see if we can finish our Mitch case study tomorrow. Remember, Easter School dates are out, I'm doing Higher on the first Tuesday, an afteroon session. I have some set ideas about what we'll cover, but if ther's anything you want covered in particular, speak to me at School or leave a comment here.


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