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Monday, March 19, 2007

Lone Tree off the M8

Categories: Biosphere, Urban
An image of Glasgow that I really like is when you drive by the top end of town towards Charing Cross and just as you pass Stow College, there is a tree growing from the roof of an old building. It always strikes me that something entirely natural is happening above most people's line of vision in a part of the city where the environment is almost completely manipulated by humans. This seems as good a link between the Urban topic and the Biosphere topic for Higher, a relatively short unit of work, but one with good links for the Biologists. I'll mark some of the urban questions with you tomorrow, and then we'll start with an image and a question based around this. The powerpoint should link to a worksheet here, where we'll start building up our knowledge. Two excellent resources to mention for use later in the week:- The Wycombe High School website has excellent sections for soils here . Finally, Paul Williams has posted recently about an excellent website for sand dune succession.


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