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Monday, February 26, 2007


Categories: Urban
I used this last year and thought that it worked really well as an introduction to Urban Geography, and also made urban models a bit more interesting. This was mentioned on Geography Pages, so thanks. I would probably register doing this activity,simply because you can go back to the board and change it at home, but you don't really need to. Use the board planner to work offline if you wish. Basically, I am asking you to find a map of Glasgow which shows the names of the city centre roads(streetmap is good).Then, you are building your own monopoly board, pricing some of the streets from the centre out, using your local knowledge. This should bring out some key urban themes regarding land values, bid rent. Good discussions from this last year too-what streets were exceptions and why? What links some of the locations that you have grouped? What are the general patterns? What is the correlation between land use and price etc etc? I also have a thinking skills actvity which involves quite a bit of movement, if we have time or there are problems with internet connections, getting us to think about the city as a series of zones. If used, I'll save it to ourmedia and post the link.


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