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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moving in

Categories: Population
Tomorrow, s3 will be having a look at the immigrants experience of the UK. This isn’t really a part of the course, but something that I think is an important issue for people to have an awareness of. We have already discussed the idea of voluntary and forced migrations and most of you were aware of asylum seekers from the news. But what about the idea of having to complete a citizenship test? I tried this sample of possible questions, having lived here all my life and got 12 out of 14. I wonder how my class would score? We’ll have a look tomorrow. I have previously shown the surname profiler in class, and knowing that there are a number of different backgrounds, I have put this link on, which would allow you to find out how to trace your family roots.Thanks to Alan for reminding me of both. There are also some migration histories and stories too. Finally, three really good ways to look at migration- First of all, how does migration influence our culture? I am going to ask the class the question- If there were no immigrants, what would you miss? Secondly, I spotted an idea a while ago, can’t remember where, which had classes planning their own illegal border crossings-maybe a homework or extension. Lastly, I gave a resource to the History department a while ago developed by my old college tutor Henry Maitles which allows you to make choices for a Jewish person staying in Germany during the rise of the Nazis. I remember the impact of this activity being really vivid-I tried several choices and mostly ended up dead, showing the desperate circumstances behind many forced migrations.

Regarding the picture at the top of the post, can you guess what the map is showing? Click the picture to link to the full map.


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