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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Categories : Atmosphere, s1 and s2
Today, we had a look at what happens to the Trade Winds with the seasonal shifting of the sun's position. I wanted to get this in before we started looking at the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone in detail during tomorrow's double lesson. The above link, with a little navigation, takes you to a page where you can monitor the position of the ITCZ, but it seems to have last been updated towards the end of last year. I have found this link instead, which allows us to compare areas and look at seasonal rainfall patterns, one of the things that we have to understand for the exam. I will use a very basic powerpoint which I have at school which gives some detail on Air Masses. Maybe use the OHP tomorrow, as I've used this in the last two years to show the movement of the air masses-I felt it worked better than using the whiteboard. Lastly, why are the doldrums so called? See the answer here.
Tomorrow, I would like to see something on every page of the Food Miles Project. I have some ideas for developing the page, which I'll share tomorrow, but we're getting there. I also liked a link posted on the sln forum about Chelsea Tractors, in some way linked to some of the environmental issues we have covered in this study. Have a Play...
Supported Study tomorrow on Glaciation (particularly deposition) and Coasts (a response to a question put onto the wiki ).


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