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Sunday, January 21, 2007

...now, Food Miles Project

Categories: s1 and s2, Geography General
OK, we started a little project the other day, and I wasn't one hundred percent sure of what we were going to do with the results, but have decided to add a few categories here on the s2 wiki page. I am quite willing for more or alternative categories to be added. The school's eco group have taken an interest in the project as they apparently need to do something class based for some accreditation that they are looking for, and I thought that this might count as some kind of evidence for them if documented in this way. I am going to split the class into groups and this will very much be research-based work. Please make sure that any work you are preparing, do it in word first, and let me have little look at it-then its just a case of copy and paste, and saves us realising there is something missing or an error after we've published it.When researching, it might be worth just typing 'food miles' into a search engine first, as there is loads of good information available on the web for this topic. I will also have a couple of artistic individuals working on the world map, and, failing that, I'll show you an easy trick for drawing large maps. This will give you a great opportunity to do things that you will be required to do later in your time at school-Looking for bias in sources, presenting alternative viewpoints and evaluating the usefulness of source material etc. However, the best things about this are that the project relies on you working as a team, and really showcases your work. I have been very impressed with my s2 class this year, and this is another chance for you to really shine, so let's go for it.Incidentally, the fridge in the picture is not mine, far too full this close to payday... ;-)


At 9:48 pm, Anonymous Mark Batchelor said...

This sounds like a great project, great to hear of another school with an eco club. I'll be really interested to see the findings. Enjoying reading this blog and have added a link here from our blog (geogblog@bushloe)
Mark Batchelor (Geography@Bushloe)

At 12:17 am, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Thanks very much, Mark, will return the favour with a link when blogger stops playing up.



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