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Friday, January 19, 2007

Roadkill Chef and other stories

Categories: Geography General, Rural, Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2
I was watching a programme the other night about Fergus Drennan . The basic idea behind this was that Fergus, a chef, thinks that people should be eating more locally sourced produce, things that they can gather themselves, or 'forage' for. At the extreme end of this were such roadkill delicacies as Badger and squirrel (apparently tastes like lamb). While I don't see myself indulging in a rare bit of roast hedgehog or anything similar in the near future, I have used this as a talking point with some of my classes about food miles. As such, I have nearly all of my classes doing a one night food survey to see where their meals or snacks came from. From just one class's results so far, Scotland is third behind Europe and Rest of UK, with Ghana, Brazil, China and India all making appearances. I am hoping to form a group project from the bones of this with s2, as I can see loads of Geography in it. Haven't quite got all of this sorted in my head yet, but groups could be using Google Earth to work out the distance travelled, some groups could talk about environmental impacts (global/local), there is scope for fair trade (The Ghanaian product was chocolate), Different forms of agriculture, Country profiling, Campaigning etc and I would ideally like this to be centred around a large world map display to raise awareness of place. Any ideas from students or colleagues would be greatly appreciated.
Higher NABs went extremely well, two down, one to go, but I must stress again that we need to work a little faster :-(. Today its shifting cultivation. I'll probably use ten minute clip from a DVD, some images on the whiteboard and some old fashioned chalk to discuss the farming system and landscape. I am running a little thin on the ground with s1 at the minute, as I don't really want to start the Brazil topic until we have completed the weather assessment (Tuesday and Thursday). I gave my classes a 'Planning an evacuation' exercise today, but I don't think ipod's, laptops, TV's, DVD's and so on would fit in the suitcase! We somehow got on to talking again about the North Atlantic Drift, and then how this could eventually be stopped or slowed by melting polar ice. There is nothing better to grab the attention than a disaster story-I think half of the class think the world is going to end in about fifty years now... Tomorrow, we'll do a little work on Katrina, which will take us up to the assessment. I'll post at the weekend about how my Ulead tutorial goes...


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