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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Speed Farming

Categories: Rural, Writing and Assessment
I have forewarned the Higher that we need to work at pace through the Rural unit, already working on Agriculture as a system and will start looking at the first of our three case studies, Intensive Peasant farming, a system found primarily in Southern Asia. We have some experience of this already-the landscape will be familiar from some of the images in the Malaria video, and we will need to be able to identify the features of this landscape. A popular question in the exam asks you to 'describe and account for the main features of the ( insert type of agriculture )farming landscape. When I was browsing the Bitesize website recently, a student had sent in a request for help in relation to Intensive Peasant farming-Here is the response that he received. I am also going to post a link to an image above for a great photo to use for labelling. We also have some experience of changes to the farming system from when we very briefly looked at the role of the Green revolution in the development of NIC's and its absence in sub-Saharan Africa. There is more again on Bitesize which will be useful for you.
With s3 and s4 tomorrow, we are really hard at revision. I want to share a few different ways to revise with you, as not everyone responds to just reading over notes all the time. I'll tell you about learning styles, and this may help you plan your own revision. We might do pass or play or taboo with s3, but also some past paper work. s4 are finishing the last of the Heart Disease section tomorrow, I think this might be the Hooked on Smoking advert you were telling me about the other day. Not much time for in-class revision here, so its important you are revising at home. Remember, any questions, come and see me lunch or interval and there is also supported study with Miss Green on Wednesday after school. One of my s1 classes have shared their poems with the class on weather, and I have another batch tomorrow to hear. We will also do a little work on climate graphs and then straight on to Hurricanes, which although it probably feels like it, are not hitting the West of Scotland this weekend...


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