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Monday, December 11, 2006

Surveyed out

Categories: Writing and Assessment, Geography General, Development and Health, s1 and s2
I hope this works, haven't been having the best of time with links lately. I completed a survey with s3 on the Physical Environments Unit which incorporated traffic lighting, and one with s4 which evaluated the Human Environments Unit. Interesting feedback. I accept the comments about videos, our vids catalogue really needs a comprehensive overhaul, and this is something that I am slowly trying to address-recently got a DVD recorder, so hopefully some newer DVD's soon. Also, obviously need to have a look at how we deliver limestone-how could this be more interactive? The games, whiteboard, ICT and group activities all seem to have had the desired educational impact with some insightful comments. I will go through the results with classes tomorrow, but as I say hopefull this works. Results1 and Results2 should be here for the s3 survey, I'll post the s4 results tomorrow, 3 to complete.
Higher never really got as much done today as I would like, so the overlays exercise starts us off tomorrow, and then some past paper and wiki work/homework. Speaking of overlays, this AIDS one might come in handy, and there are loads of other relevant files (e.g. global debt) at this website, again another link to which I am indebted to Noel Jenkins, this time on his Google Earth Juicyblog . I have also used Tony cassidy's AIDS starter movie before, and may use this with s4.
Tomorrow, I will also start the weather topic with s1, nice conditions to look at the weather station, which last time I looked, was tilting at quite an angle, so we'll see if it survives the night! I was also amazed and delighted at the quality of work in the s2 Earth Forces movies and powerpoints. I have asked some students to remove personal details, and have kept some for display. I showed some of these to other members of staff today and they were highly impressed. Very well done to all concerned!


At 7:04 pm, Anonymous Tony Cassidy said...

Hi Kenny

Just to say keep up the good work, I'm finding your review of lesson really interesting, and your students should understand that they have a really reflective teacher. Some great ideas.

I've been reading this for some time, but for some reasons haven't linked it to the radical blog.

Consider it done!

Merry Xmas


At 10:12 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Hi Tony,
thanks very much for the feedback. Regarding the comments option on the blog, I took up your advice and put these on moderation so that non-Bloggers can comment too. Thanks for the many resources that have filled the pages of this blog since February last year!


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