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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Female of the Species...

Categories:Development and Health, Quizzes and Games
...is more deadly than the male, especially if we are looking at Malaria in ELDCs. I have created a short starter movie for s4 tomorrow. I know you have a little experience of this from the work you completed today in my absence, and it will be good to see how much you have retained. Higher are also on Development and Health just now, but just started looking at indicators today-a moving rank the country exercise, with 6 'volunteers' helping us out at the front of the class. A little more formal tomorrow, with a worksheet based task to follow. s3 are doing revision displays-picking your own topic from glaciation, limestone, coasts and rivers. There is a link to a Google Earth file that shows retreating and advancing glaciers, which I will stick here soon (links not working just now), and s1 will also be using Google Earth as the new rotation are looking at height on maps. I also like the map exercise for a bit of fun with s1 at this site, posted by Ewan McIntosh in his blog.


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