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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sore throats, High Blood Pressure, all in a day's work...

Categories: Geography General, Writing and Assessment, Development and Health, Population, Rivers, s1 and s2
Strange day today, none of the lessons seemed to go exactly as I wanted them to, not with any disastrous consequences, but not quite as I had visualised them. With Higher, I felt as though something I thought would last ten minutes (cards) dominated the period and ended up with far too much of me talking (sore throat now). I was pleased, however, with the surname profiler and the response from this. Tomorrow, we are going to look more closely at a particular migration involving Turkish Gastarbeiter, the link to the original image, showing a Turkish festival in Berlin, is here . s4 appeared to enjoy the health checks, although we had a little less apparatus than I would have liked, and some of it was malfunctioning a little (originally, my Blood Pressure recording would have had me clinically dead-checked later and much to my relief it was normal range). Our only real enemy here was time, although we did get to putting health in a world geographical context. Will continue with this tomorrow, but also want to involve you in a student blog activity. With s3, I changed the plans a little, as the rivers images that I wanted to use seem to have vanished and used Tom Biebrach's materials posted a few weeks ago, which seemed to work quite well as a brainstorm on rivers and their valleys. If we get through the rest of this tomorrow, I'll split the class into teams for a Rivers Challenge Board. s2 did well in the mapping of plates, earthquakes etc, but again, I felt that this could perhaps have been clipped for better effect. s1 tomorrow have symbols Bingo, or maybe Noel Jenkins 6 x 6 storyboard, found here on Tony Cassidy's Radical Geography site.


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