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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Northern Lights?

Categories: Population, Development and Health, Writing and Assessment, RiversWas looking at the Rich Allaway's excellent site from the International School in Toulouse, and found this image of the Earth at Night. I think this is a great shot for Population Distribution, but also has links to Development and Urbanisation too, really highlights the imaginary North/South Divide and I may use this with s4 when they are back from work experience. Lots of links from the above site for tomorrow's double period. Linking to the Population Explosion exercise, we looked a little at how different regions of the world have a markedly different age concentrations. In the exam if you're asked a question about age structure of a country/region, it will probably be accompanied with a population pyamid. We'll look at how to describe the pyramid using classtools to take each part at a time. We'll then look at the difference between an ELDC and EMDC pyramid, before trying some bits of this worksheet. If we have time, we'll look at the Demographic Transition Model, and I'll get some blanks out to build up gradually as we talk through it. This link is in case I don't get to go through some of this on Thursday, some excellent info about ageing populations.
My s3 put up some rivers info on the wiki, and I noticed two or three changes have been made tonight. Well done, keep this going. Be mindful of plagiarism, and anyway you learn much more if you have to think about what you're writing. I will hopefully get the opportunity with s2 for a period on Earth Forces on their wiki too, as about a third of the class will be out at a science fair.
Favela lessons once gain a resounding success, glad I took the headache pills though! I forgot the mobile, but Miss Green has taken some photos of her class's attempts and I'll take the camera in tomorrow.


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