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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Survey Monkey

Categories: Geography General, Coasts, Rivers, S1 and s2
I said in the previous post that I would like to use Survey Monkey in some ways. The obvious way is for feedback on lessons, activities, projects etc, and I am inviting s4 to comment on The Biscuit Game here. However, there is a lot of potential for using this for things such as formative assessment, where classes can comment on work that they themselves have done, and evaluate their own contributions and how much they have learned, where they should go from here etc. In the current climate, where pupils are being given Personal Learning Plans and such like, something like this could be really useful...just a thought. We will finish the feedback from the groupwork which followed the Biscuit Game with s4 today. Higher are on a shift on Wednesdays at the moment, with double period, followed by supported study! I thought we would do something a little lighter today, probably walkabout talkabout from the traffic lights. We covered most of the main points raised in supported study and remember if you missed this, I can still pass on the materials used. I really liked the idea on the Geography at the Movies website for s3-If you follow the coasts link, there is an exercise for you to record your own commentary for the BBC 'Coast' programme. There is a template to work with, and I think we will insert the movie into powerpoint to record our audio. I haven't explored the idea of the Japan link up for s2 yet, but will have a talk to one of the deputes given the chance tomorrow. I would really like to let you make the Japanese Industry movie, but we will have to be mindful of time. One of my s1 are using pictures of the Brazil and Scotland football teams as a starter. This always brings to the fore some really important points about race, even racism and stereotypes, and although the first couple of times I tried this with classes it was quite hard to manage, I am glad that I have persevered with this. It gives s1 the opportunity to talk about real issues, and their responses are always quite surprising and well thought out. Might be a surprise for my other s1...


At 10:16 pm, Blogger OllieBray said...

Will be really interested to see how the survey goes. Hope your class enjoyed the biscuit game - I've not played it for a few years now and you have reminded me of an old gem. Like the blog by the way! Ollie


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