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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How are we doing?

Categories: Geography General, Rivers, Coasts, Rural, s1 and s2
In many respects, tomorrow's lessons will hopefully illuminate us in a few cases as to the above question. I realised today that we are three months into the Higher course, and I want to see what the general experience of students has been so far in terms of how they are coping, what they find difficult, easy, interesting, boring etc and how we can improve on this. Last years Higher set responded extremely well to a lot of interactive approaches, but the dynamic feels very different this year, and I am hoping the feedback will help me direct my teaching to this groups' strengths. I have made up a small questionnaire, and am quite willing to use up a period if its beneficial. However, we will probably get onto some Hydrograph reminders and rivers. For s4, how are we doing comes in a different guise, as we continue to work on the rural movie as a revision tool, but I would like to make this a pacier activity, so will probably give pairs working on this a more particular focus and stricter time controls so as to involve everyone. s3 are going to see a couple of my favourite locations-Happisburgh (family holidays when I was younger) and Morar(see above-can't think of many better coastal settings in Scotland), but these will only be partially revealed, and at specific times in the period. My Happisburgh pics are going to be used to supplement a Holbeck Hall type activity (have seen this on a few sites) as a starter for coasts. s2 are Lost in Translation today-we changed the order of this activity in the work scheme to coincide with the Tokyo Report exercise, and s1 are finishing the Hurricane video-might use some Violent Earth clips too.


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