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Monday, September 25, 2006

Now for the rest

Categories: Rural Land resources, Rural
After the September weekend, I needed someone to help me out of an inspiration blackhole-Thankfully, Tony Cassidy's site has provided a couple of resources for use with Higher and s4. I am putting a link to an alternative case study to the Dales here. On the tourism section, there is a link to a powerpoint which gives plenty of info on the Peak District. For s4, we have just finished the France 2000 video looking at rural change to settlements in the Massif Central (you might recognise the picture), so I thought we could use the links from here to summarise the impact. For my Higher, I will probably use a short name game activity, prize an extra day for the Homework. Basically I am trying to stress the importance of named examples of features, locations etc in the Rural Land resources section of the course. I will include examples from all three case studies and we will then swap and mark-pretty simplistic, but will hopefully ease people in after the short break.


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