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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

From Japan to the Jurassic Coast (and others)

I have promised my s2 that the Japanese Tourist Board leaflet task will be self assessed, and have created a short checklist for them. I think that we will spend perhaps two more periods on this-one to complete the research and start the leaflet, the other to assess the task. I may ask one of the s6 mentors to video the leaflet with students talking in the background about what they have presented as part of the self assessment, an idea shamelessly stolen from Noel Jenkins at www.digitalgeography.co.uk . I have tried doing something similar with my own phone, but although pictures, mp3's etc download from the phone, I have a problem with video, despite getting the settings changed.
I will also be doing quite a lot on coasts with my classes today. My Higher class will be watching a new Coasts DVD during the double period, and although the work is aimed at a few years below, I think I will be able to use some of the animations on this page. I also want to create some taboo cards suitable for Higher, but I am actually going to use them as an assessment tool-instead of excluding the words, I am going to use them as a checklist after explaining feature formation to ensure that the correct and appropriate vocabulary is being used. I will upload the cards as soon as poss. I may also use some of the resources here , to reinforce some of the work we have already completed on mass movements, but putting this in the context of coastal processes.


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