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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mapping Coasts

Categories: Coasts, Industry, s1 and s2
OK, just a response to a query from a higher student who wanted some clarification on some coasts mapping points. I have created a powerpoint for coasts, showing features of erosion and deposition. It was originally my intention to put an all-encompassing powerpoint here for glaciated uplands, carboniferous limestone scenery and coasts, but I have dealt with the initial concern here . If anyone is looking for similar resources for the other two landscape types, please come in and I'll see what I can do. Any of the map images are for educational use only.
Other news from this week....More favelas appearing, not had a chance to download photos yet, but will do this soon. Again, excellent attempts. s3 did a little bit of survey work around the school grounds as an into to the Car industry, which led us into a discussion about industries previously prominent in the UK, a point we are working on just now. s2 assessment tomorrow, and s1 now looking at changes in a favela-Rocinha in the Brazil 200o video.


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