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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Push and Pull

Categories: s1 and s2, Population, Coasts, Rural Land Resources, Writing and Assessment, Other
Watched 'Survival in the City' after showing conflicting images of Brazil with s2-First time a class has really been appalled by some of the injustices shown, which was a good discussion point. Using a powerpoint from Noel Jenkins to recap on reasons for population movement and then some work on Push and Pull factors and favelas. S4 have yesterday's work today as we spent longer on past papers and the Docklands Case Study
For Higher-another wiki entry, this time for atmosphere after the movie the other day. Try it out, see what you would change.Have a go at the extended answers for Rural Land resources and Development and Health especially. How about trying a bit of revision using Podcasts? There are some for the Scottish curriculum on Ollie Bray's blog here , Alan Millburn posted some based on the BBC bitesize videos here, and there are some coast podcasts which I flagged up before on geobytes. Finally, I am using a video from a collective pool of clips found on a blog called geographyatthemovies for a bit of National Parks revision and will try to tie this in to Rural Land Resources questions after a quick poll in class today on our revision focus for the rest of the week.


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