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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Google Maps

Categories: Glaciation, Coasts, Rivers, s1 and s2, Other

I have been looking at uses of Google maps, primarily through a great blog, http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com . This led me to a site called wayfaring which lets you create your own maps and add photos, videos, comments, links etc. I think that this has fantastic potential for use in class. I can see us using this with topics such as Japan in s2 for example-create a map at the start of the unit, and add waypoints as we work through the topic. Students can add their own links, photos etc and can become really involved in the map-building process. The same data could be transferred to Google Earth to create tours, and so on. I also think its a good case study revision prompt-map Rural Land Resources locations for, say, the Cairngorms case study, add info points and anyone can access it. The tags also let you search for similar themes elsewhere that other users have created. Here is an example of a map I created when trying this out-It has relevance for Intermediate ( Glaciation, Rivers), and Higher (Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Rural Land Resources):

If the map is not showing, the link for it is below:

p.s. I have added a Flickr badge on the sidebar which can link you to photos which I have used/may use in class. Not finished uploading all of these yet, just some Alps and Scotland landscapes.


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