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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Retrospective posting-Succession

I am posting this after trialling it with Higher today. We had just finished soils and I was looking at how to introduce plant succession on sand dunes(see image on left from www.geography.ndo.co.uk ). I gave out a small piece of paper and put up this image to determine why a tree was growing on the roof of the building, and asked students to write down a response.There were some expected answers and we somehow got round to talking about the guttering in my house (!), but I was very pleasantly surprised at the geographical nature of most responses, and from that we were able to link into the next resource, a (kind of) mind map on plant succession. There is a link on the powerpoint, but if using this it may work quicker if the second resource is just saved and then opened. We then had a little summary discussion from which we were able to add to the labels on the mind map. Tomorrow, we will follow this up by using a powerpoint on sand dune succession by Val_Vannet from the Geointeractive website.

Part 2 of the prelim for s4 tomorrow and s2 will finally get to Fling the Teacher, before looking at environmental issues in Japan.