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Monday, March 27, 2006

Mind movies for s1

I am starting this post with my s1's for a change. We will be introducing settlement tomorrow by using a mind_movie exercise from Geointeractive . I used this with the last rotation to very good effect. We will maybe get a chance to do a settlement sorting exercise and (probably not this period) a look at settlement function.
s5/6 seem very reluctant to play their excellent sand dune commentaries to a wider audience, but I will try to use my powers of persuasion here. Tomorrow, we are heading into the revision rundown-starting with 'traffic lighting' the can-do check-lists from the arrangements docs. I want to use this to identify areas of the 'Human Environment' section of the course to involve groups in improving each others mind maps.
s4 should be ready to show their movies tomorrow, but also have the audio exercise from Friday to complete. I wonder if s4 will be as bashful about their efforts as Higher?
Finally, s3 will hopefully have access to one of the ICT rooms to finish today's work, but no matter if not. From MEDC cities to LEDC-and a spot the LEDC starter. This will be followed by a mapping from memory activity for typical urban models in LEDC's, followed by a compare and contrast exercise drawing on the knowledge of previous models. I am sure there will be a movie activity in here somewhere....


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